At AeroFarallones we are a family. We want you to have the privilege of being part of it. Here you can make new friends, learn and, above all, fully enjoy the virtual aviation experience. Sign up now!


Actualmente contamos con 19 pilotos activos

 Aircraft in fleet

Actualmente contamos con 125 aeronaves en nuestra flota


Actualmente contamos con 312 rutas activas por todo el mundo

 Total flights

Actualmente hemos realizado 107 vuelos

Why fly with us?

Because we are more than a virtual airline. We love what we do and instill the same feeling in our pilots. The experiences you will find in AeroFarallones, you will not live anywhere else!


We are at the forefront of virtual aviation developers.


We believe that communication is very important, therefore, we are always aware of our pilots and ready to help them.


We support the most important flight simulators on the market: Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and X-Plane.


The testimonies of our pilots demonstrate that the best of AeroFarallones is its people.

Santiago Idárraga

With AeroFarallones since November 2018

For me FLS has been the best experience I have had in my life. I never thought that in the IVAO network I would be in this, because I was not old enough and because I thought I did not have the capacity. But here, they have welcomed me with open arms, they have made me feel like a family. And despite all the bad things (and by this I mean my landings) they have taught me how to do them better and have prepared me to be a better pilot.

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Edgar Contreras

With AeroFarallones since October 2018

Entering AeroFarallones has been one of the best experiences when it comes to my virtual aviation career, since outside of entering a community, you are in a place where you can learn a lot and enjoy the incredible world of aviation seen otherwise. AeroFarallones is not just a virtual airline, it is a place to share with other pilots and personally enjoy not only being part of a company, but being within a group of friendly people willing to help you fly higher.

Mosquera, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Juan Rafael Fajardo

With AeroFarallones since July 2019

Since I entered the FLS family, I have felt at home. All the members of this airline have a good aeronautical knowledge and are always willing to answer questions constructively. My knowledge has grown by 50% since I entered here, and it only grows over time. They always offer help and even take the time to help you individually. There is no better airline than AeroFarallones.

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Juan Camilo Henao

With AeroFarallones since June 2019

FLS is a family where the newest is heard, taught and motivated to break fears, fears and overcome them. AeroFarallones has meant for me moments of joy and a deep feeling of brotherhood, companionship and humanity. FLS reminds me of my passion for flying, for the eternal blue of the sky. If you asked me to define FLS, I would say "we fly without any specific order, and that is precisely the most beautiful thing: To be free and absolute owner of oneself while one crosses the sky." Manfred Von Richthofen ‘the Red Baron’ ‘The Red Fighter Plane’.

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

And this is our FLS family!

We took the virtual airline concept to another level. We have made multiple meetings of AeroFarallones members throughout our operating time. What do you expect to join and be part of them?

team member
2nd Meeting FLS 2019 - Cali
September 14-16, 2019

Most of our staff met at kilometer 18 of the Cali - Buenaventura highway. From left to right: Alexander Valderrama, Martín Sierra, Andrés Rodríguez, Jose Cuervo and Luis Carlos Pardo.

team member
2nd Meeting FLS 2019 - Cali
September 14-16, 2019

Part of our staff met two new members of AeroFarallones in the city of Cali. Row 1: Jose Cuervo, Martín Sierra; Row 2: Luis Carlos Pardo, Alejandro Hurtado; Row 3: Juan Rafael Fajardo.

team member
2nd Meeting FLS 2019 - Cali
September 14-16, 2019

On our visit to the city of Cali, we visited the Fénix Aerospace Museum, located at the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport. From left to right: Jose Cuervo, Luis Carlos Pardo, Martín Sierra and Andrés Rodríguez.

team member
1st Meeting FLS 2019 - F-AIR
July 10-13, 2019

We participated in the "Feria Aeronáutica Internacional de Rionegro 2019" (F-AIR 2019), where we shared with members of other virtual airlines, familiarized ourselves with military aviation and enjoyed air shows. In the photo: Daniel Avendaño and Martín Sierra.


Meet our fleet, our livery and the way our pilots enjoy belonging to AeroFarallones.